Pallet Racking Systems and Types

Pallet racking systems are made to improve the space for storage that you have inside your warehouse.  Below are the kinds of pallet racking system that you can choose from:

Double Deep Racking – This is comparable to selective racking when it comes to style.  Essentially, it includes two rows of selective racking one row behind another.  It’ll allow pallets to become saved two rows deep.  The shelves truly are designed in ways that even it is two rows deep, they’re still accessible from the lanes.

Carton Flow – These are bed of rollers that are set up in double entry selective racking.  The bed utilizes a number of wheel trays which are specifically made to easily and effectively move stock.  This kind of racking is generally utilized by companies which will need stock to become hand-loaded, selected and sorted by a number of warehouse employees.  All of the features of the roller trays can be personalized to be able to fit your specific needs. 

Cantilever racking systems – This is used for mainly storing long items like steel rods, long timber, plastic piping and so on.  This kind of racking includes a number of posts with arms sticking out designed particularly for lengthy items.  It’s made exactly to fit your needs that will certainly increase the space for storage that you currently have. 

Drive-in – This is made for maximum utilization of floor space.  It’s very similar in principle to bar stacking with the exception that merchandise is not kept above the pallet.

Selective – This kind of pallet racking is the most generally used system in a variety of warehouses.  It is almost always the cost-effective racking system.  Also, it enables the consumer immediate access to any or all items.  Furthermore, it can be installed easily.

Narrow Aisle – This is selective racking with much narrower lanes.  This kind of racking is extremely advantageous for warehouses that operate with lift trucks that may be easily run through the narrow aisle.  This really is considered a terrific way to maximize the quantity of space that you presently have in your warehouse.  In addition, they are able to take full advantage of the vertical space you need to work with.

Heavy Duty – This kind is particularly made to hold and store durable products like huge steels.  Additionally, it may accommodate wide loads.

Definitely, you will find lots of storage facilities where one can store your business’ items or stuff. 

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Pallet Racking Systems and Types